As a bearer of the SELF L1T BraceL1T, I am leveling up and making a personal pledge not to be perfect. Just Better! Life is about daily choices. It is really that simple. Will the decisions I make assist in moving me positively towards my desired vision and goals?

The SELF L1T BraceL1T is not meant to be a glamorized accessory-it is a way of being. Once pledged, find comfort and resolve knowing that I am never alone. There is an unseen Team L1T Family that is always with me battling the same struggles and encouraging me to press onward on the road to self-discovery and self-improvement.

Make no mistake I am “wearing” my conscience. We all at times will feel some sense of emptiness, insecurities, and just not measuring up to standards set by others. We call these “Fire Moments.” When these moments creep in, either I avoid the fire and discomfort, or I choose to prevail and walk through the flames knowing a challenge awaits. Just on the other side, I will gain strength, discipline, resilience, self-confidence, ultimately closer to my True Self. I am truly proud of myself! I won the most important battle today against my greatest foe; Myself.

I am strengthening the Team L1T Family. By choosing to be better, not only am I improving but I am making this world better. Power of the One!

Congratulations & Welcome,