"Jack O’Connor or “Coach O” as I call him had a profound impact on my young adult life. As a devoted mentor, Jack O’Connor not only helped me hone my athletic skills but more importantly instilled invaluable life lessons that have shaped my character and outlook. His teachings on perseverance, teamwork, and personal integrity continue to resonate with me, guiding my actions in life. I am immensely grateful for the privilege of being coached by such an inspirational figure, and I carry the lessons learned from Coach O’Connor as enduring pillars of my personal and professional journey. His unwavering commitment to cultivating not just skilled athletes, but well-rounded individuals, sets him apart as an exceptional mentor and role model. I can’t think of a better person leading and shaping our youth." Jack M.

  “Overcoming obstacles made or otherwise presented…”  Rhianon G.

   “A circle of complete heroes that are identifying real hardships and problems and are attempting to FIX them..”  Aaron J.

 “I struggled with insecurities and self-esteem issues since my childhood. These feelings caused me to find some sort of release which came in the form of alcohol and drugs. Eventually alcohol and drugs became my master and brought me to places I never thought possible! After Countless detoxes, rehabilitation facilities and treatment programs, I was able to surrender to this vicious disease. It took me many “failed” attempts to finally understand all our feelings, actions, and words start with our thoughts. I truly believe God helps those who help themselves. It comes down to me vs. me for me! When I keep my thoughts in check, everything else falls into place. I was introduced to the SELF L1T belief which makes total sense. We all need to hold ourselves accountable. If we strive to be a “better” version of ourselves just imagine the impact it can have on others. Not perfect. Just Better!  God put you in my life for a reason Todd and I’m grateful.”  Shawn S.