We founded SELF L1T with you in mind. We are former college athletes, coaches, executives and in our combined 30 years of teaching decided to delve into our expertise with the input from students and identified a gap. The gap that was identified was a disconnect from one’s true self. Our mission is to empower and inspire students to be their best self academically, professionally, and personally. Whether you are looking for study tips, career guidance, or how best to leverage your strengths, we’ve got your back. We believe that every student deserves a chance to thrive, and we are committed to making that happen. So join us on this individual and collective journey of self-discovery and making a positive impact on the world. Welcome to the transformation of becoming SELF L1T.


Linda M. O’Connor: Chief Executive Officer

Linda is a versatile, driven and highly motivated leader with experience managing a global team of leaders for a fortune 500 company. She has steadily expanded leadership experience in a variety of industries to include healthcare, higher education and insurance. Linda earned a master’s degree in business administration/management from Lesley University, Cambridge MA, and a BA from Curry College.

Todd Whittemore: President & Founder

Todd is a seasoned teaching professional whose classes are widely sought after due to his inspirational and motivational methods of instruction. His ability to engage and challenge students to establish and accomplish goals inspires the teaching community. Todd is a former professional hockey player who has turned his passion into refereeing at all levels of hockey throughout New England. Todd was the driving force behind the mission of SELF L1T. Through his work with students Todd created individual academic contracts which resulted in the foundational principles of the Power of the "One" and Not Perfect. Just BETTER! Todd is a former executive and athletic director. Combining Todd’s administrative and entrepreneurial knowledge he co-founded SELF L1T. in 2022.

Licensure in History M.A.T in History
BA General Studies, Minor Business Management
M.A.T in History


Jack O’Connor: Chief Operating Officer & Founder

After spending over two decades working with market leaders Nike and adidas, Jack turned his focus into teaching and assisting high school students with realizing and discovering their true selves. Jack is passionate about coaching whether it be on the field, wrestling mat, classroom or with teams of executives. In 2022, he co-founded SELF L1T. where the mantra is U VS U 4 You. The mission of SELF L1T. is to take students on a journey of self-discovery. Diagnosed in high school with a learning disability he recognizes the challenges students face when overcoming learning obstacles. During Jack’s career he has influenced and inspired thousands of students to be Not Perfect. Just BETTER!

Jack has a M.Ed. Special Education; Graduate Certificate in Management & Administration; & Graduate Certificate in English Secondary Language.

Licensure in History
BS Business Management